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Tenrix.com is a web development company with focus on our own WCMS.
We develop and design everything in-house using the lateste technologies.


Simple and easy way to track your crypto investments.
Bookmark cryptos you are interested in following
Get the latest from cryptospace.

tenrix.gg - organize your warcraft community showcase your accomplishments

Get your World of Warcraft community on Internet
Our system is connected to battle.net.

Welcome to TENRIX Software

Creative Solutions
We strive to give you a best experience with both design and technology no matter the size of the solution , small and large alike. We can provide you with everything from graphic design, motion graphics and programming for web, desktop and mobile.
Visual Design
We can provide inspiring graphics for all devices, still or motion. We believe that with a good visual design together with a well thought strategy will motivate and inspire. We strive to give the users a great visual and functional experience.
Database Management
Information is important in today’s market whether you are at your office, on the run to a meeting. We have good experience with both small and large databases and how to manage them. We can make your customer and company information available wherever you are.


Our web solution is modular so you can customise and build your own website to benefit your needs. Heres a few examples.

For companys

Collaborate with your team

For investors

Keep track of your crypto investments

For Guilds

Showcase your accomplishments

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