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Tenrix.com is a web development company with focus on our own WCMS.
We develop and design everything in-house using the lateste technologies.


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Introducing TENRIX CMS


TENRIX CMS is an easy to use web publisher tool. Hosted on Microsoft Azure Technology, written in the market standard C# language running with Microsoft SQL server database. The vision behind the solution is to have an easy way for you to launch a new website for you company, product or project.

The systems is module based so you can choose how you want your website presented to the audience.

Users and Groups:
Create a database for your users makes it easy for you to update and keep the users in control of their own user data. You can administrate their access and collaborate for them at any time. Users can also be put into user groups to easily configure a group of people like project roles and departments.

Current modules are blogs and forums. More are under development!

The systems are now at alpha stage and some sites are using it for testing. If you want to test it and see it in action just let us know and we can set up a test site for you.

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