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Tenrix.com is a web development company with focus on our own WCMS.
We develop and design everything in-house using the lateste technologies.


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Our system is connected to battle.net.


Web Development
We have been developing websites since 2000. From small business solutions to large database driven document management systems. We have been using Microsoft platform with varinats of databases like MSSql, Mysql and Oracle.

Visual design
We design all our applications in-house and have been doing so since the beginning. Work we have done include static computer graphics as well as motion. Also been doing some print work but we have never been a full time graphic company. But we have come across some work now and then.

Database Management
We have been working with relationship databases from small to large document for company's with thousands of documents. Jobs have mainly consists of import and export data from other systems as well as our own. This can be contacts, products for shops, documents and so on.
System Development
Starting off programming our first game on a good old commodore 64 30 some years ago we was soon hocked on programming and been doing that ever since. Been following "mainstream" from there with Commodore 64 machine code then Amiga and now PC. At the moment we are using c# language and Microsoft SQL server for our solutions.

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